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    Size Guide



    NYM and Co is a global company
    Sizing Varies Widely between nations.
    Western Countries normally follow the US size guide
    Europeans and Middle Eastern Nations size by CM 
    Eastern Countries have sizes 2-3 times smaller than the United States

    Our company started out serving Asian Markets, but if you are seeing this page you are on our english, US and EU website. 

    For this reason we give multiple different ways to determine your size in our garments 



    If you are European, please follow the CM sizing guide for the most accurate size match

    If you are American, please follow the pants size guide

    If you live in a country that uses their own sizing please choose the sizing that corresponds to your market. 


    The tag size on the inside of our garments often differs from the size that you pick. This does not mean you received the wrong item!

    for example if your order a Medium garment it will correspond with the Centimeters, Inches, and pants size listed in our size chart– but the internal tag will say L or XL. 

    This is because our garments  are originally designed for the ASIAN MARKET, so the tag size will be 2-3 times smaller that the one your ordered.

    But again, its measurements will correspond with the American or European size you chose. 

    If you ordered Small ---- you should receive items with a tag size M or L

    if your ordered medium ----- you should receive items with a tag size L-XL

    if you ordered Large ---- you should receive items marked with a tag size XL-XXXL

     (the above size conversion is estimated, some garments run smaller or larger. Every design in our store has been individually measured and sized to most accurately reflect US and EU sizing) 

    If you think you received the incorrect size, please check the tag, if the size is SMALLER than the size you ordered contact us and we will replace or refund!


    We hope this informational guide helps you pick the appropriate size in our garments,

    happy shopping xxx


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